Sunday, February 3, 2008

Oh My

Best. Superbowl. Ever.

Got to love the underdog!

I imagine that there are some '72 Dolphins that are quite happy with this result.  This keeps the NFL in check and normal.  I love the champagne toast every year.  I would hate to see that end.  I appreciate records being broken, but I like the ones that are unbreakable.

Go Tom Caughlin and Eli (2 years an SEC QB has won the Superbowl)


Mike Lombard said...

The ending was both great and goofy at the same time. I mean, coming from behind against the Pats is no friggin' joke, so you gotta give it up to the Giants. But, man was that an ugly comeback drive or what? Eli stumbles backwards, throws a duck, hits the dude in the facemask, falls to the ground. Then, Amani Toomer pushes the Pats defender to the ground, catches yet another duck from Eli, falls out of bounds, no call from the ref for offensive pass interference. Just goofy, that's all. Still amazing though.

That being said, overall it wasn't that great of a Super Bowl to me. I've always been a big fan of defensive grudge matches (I'm a Bucs fan, right?), but the first half was completely and utterly useless as a viewing experience. Looked like AHS vs. Kathleen or something, without back-to-back 80 yard TD runs by Frank Mathis.

The second half was much better though. Still can't believe the Giants came back after Brady made that classic late 4th quarter TD drive. What an ending.

Trevor said...

Did you just make a Frank Mathis reference? That's awesome. As far as the superbowl is concerned, it is the ending that you remember. I can't remember what sports blog said this (but I'm going to steal it anyways), If you went out with a girl, had a bad dinner, small dessert, bad service, crappy movie, stale popcorn, but got lucky at the end of the night, you would consider that an awesome date and would want to schedule another one just like it for the next weekend. His reference was for the most recent basketball championship game, but it's applicable to the super bowl as well.