Thursday, February 7, 2008

In Case You Need Help Picking a President

I found an interesting website today in my travels. Yes, I travel the web. It's like backpacking across Europe, but without the smelly French people. When you have 5 minutes or so, click on over to and take their poll.

You assign points to issues that you care about. You have 20 and only 20 points. You must use all 20, you can't use more than 20. Get it. Good. For instance, I don't care about Social Security. I assume that I will receive NO benefits from it and anything that is done to "fix" it will only benefit the people who are much older than me, and will probably raise my taxes. For me, Social Security is just another tax that I pay. So I assigned no points to that. I don't care about gun laws. I don't own a gun. It doesn't affect me. No points. So on and so forth and all like such as. I did assign points to Iraq and foreign policy, the economy, education, etc.

Bottom line, I am most similar to Ron Paul (I did cast a vote for him in the primary) but a close second was Obama. Those two would be a mega-ticket right there. Post your results in the comments.


Mike Lombard said...

Dude! I'm so proud of you for voting for Ron Paul in the primary. I figured you'd go with your fundamentalist, ultra-conservative upbringing and vote for Huckabee. By the way, did you see Kucinich's wife? HOT! She had a tongue ring too. Not standard gear for a presidential candidate's wife. I say that no matter who gets elected, she gets to be First Lady.

I was also shocked to see you refer to Obama as a Dream Ticket kind of guy. I feel the same way; I just wanna Barack & Roll all night and party every day. I'll Barack you like a hurricane. He's my man come November, fo' shizzle. But for you to endorse him in such glowing terms; that impresses me.

I also don't care much for gun laws and social security, although I think we need a safety net for those caught up in the ever-changing demands of the global economy.

Hutch said...

I was 79% in agreement with Dr. Paul as well, and 70% with John McLAME. Cool site.

I also voted for RP in the primary, and I was involved with the local campaign here in Lakeland. Fun times.