Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve (Replay)

Don't call me at 12:01 to wish upon me and mine a Happy New Year, because me and mine will be sleeping.  I know that this is really lame, but my wife is pregnant (tired all the time) and I have a 9 month old (crazy all the time) and this leads to sleep being a precious commodity around the ole' homestead.

That being said, Kathy and I really did want to stay up and watch the festivities on television.  We pondered setting an alarm for 11:45 am and getting up only to go back to bed at 12:05.  We weren't too pumped about this idea, but then it hit me as I was finishing the last of my fourth package of honey roasted bbq sauce on nuggets & fries from chick-a-fil.  We would record the times square ball drop on our DVR, complete with:
  • Dick Clark, who is nearly 80, but has the Kenny Rogers, multiple face-lift look going
  • Tons of US servicemen and other freezing cold people crammed into a few city blocks to count backwards from 10
  • Special musical guests that are always lame

If this means that I'm old, then go ahead and ship me my tervis tumbler and make me a reservation to Sam Seltzer's Steakhouse, preferably before 5PM, because nothing makes me happier than getting a good night's sleep before not having to go to work and watching football all day.

If the SEC goes 9-0 this bowl season (they are currently 3-0 and Auburn is winning), they should abandon the BCS and make it where every season, the consensus #1 team in the country plays the SEC champ regardless of records.  I would take the SEC champ every year the past 10 years except for maybe one of those Miami teams.

If you have boys, don't let this happen to them.  Keep your flip phones safely locked away....

Friday, December 21, 2007

Dove Promises

As I sit here eating these morsels of pure goodness and reading the "promises" enclosed, I am thinking the people at Dove are missing the boat. This is what they are "promising" now:

A smile is the perfect gift, personal and encouraging.
Smile at yourself in the mirror.
What if "the season to be jolly" lasted all year long? - I love the "unnecessary quotes."
Spending time is a greater gift than spending money. - That's nonsense.
Decorate your life.

This is what they should be promising:

The "milk" in milk chocolate means it's good for you.
If you send one of these to 10 of your friends this cool video will pop up.
Your wife thinks the time you spend watching football is time well spent.
Your desire to dress up as a sith lord for Halloween is completely normal.
You will not gain an ounce from eating this.
Fantasy football is cool.

Happy Holidays and all like such as.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Partnership for a Jetman Free America

Jetman is crack.  My senior english teacher would be proud of my use of metaphor (I did not use like or as, therefore it is not a simile).  My intent is to play one game a night to try and top my personal high score, but that game turns into 45 minutes until my eyes are watering and my neck and back hurt from straining to see the obstacles as they whizz by at near lightning speed.

My pursuit of cheesy flash video game excellence is what consumes me right now.  Well, not so much my own excellence as much as the domination of a fellow Jetman junkie, Travis.  Tonight I passed the 3000 point barrier for the first time.  Then during the same game, passed the 4000 point barrier.  My heart started racing, because I knew that the 5357 that had eluded me for so long would soon be in my jet dust.

Banana Man exploded at 4445, but not before he had dominated Mr. Tom's Shoes wearing Gabe and his 3989.

So let this be said;
the gauntlet has been thrown down.
But I have answered the challenge
and answered with vigor. (obscure movie quote reference #1)


Are you ready for Christmas?

I got asked this today by my hairdresser (a term that I despise, but I didn't want to say by the guy that cuts my hair, because he does so much more), and my response was simply "no." I am, however, reasonably ready for Christmas, in as much as I have done most of my shopping, our tree has been "trimmed," and I've heard every song from "NOW! That's What I Call Christmas!" at least two dozen times, but I thought the conversation needed me to respond in that manner.

Anyways, I am Trevor and this is my first post.