Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Best of Berman

Tonight my wife was putting on an infomercial for the Swiffer Sweeper Vac, complete with statements such as:

"Look how easy it is to use"
"Here try for yourself and see"
"No cords getting tangled up and slowing you down"
"When your done, you just toss the pad in the trash"
"So easy to use, even kids love it" (this statement has never been true when uttered in any informercial, ever)

It reminded me of my favorite television program of all time.  No, it's not Lost or Friday Night Lights or even College Gameday.  What can only be categorized as the single greatest piece of cinematic history to ever grace a television set.  What I would like to think 500 years from now explorers to the planet earth will discover to realize the greatness of our civilization.  I am speaking of the Magic Bullet infomercial.  It's the characters that move me.  I love Hazel, Mimi, Mick and the rest of the gang, but the academy award for best performance in a scripted infomercial goes to....Berman.  Tami Taylor ain't got nothing on Berman.  When he states, "I HATE BROCCOLI," and "Hey, that's pretty good," after tasting the goodness that is the broccoli, radish, pineapple crap shake, I had my fingers on the dial ready to order.

Watch and enjoy, but DO NOT allow yourself to be tempted to order this piece of overpriced crap.  

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