Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

So tonight's Rays - Rangers game promotion is the "Dog Days of Summer," where you can bring your dog to the ballpark with you. Because that's what a dog wants to do, be on a leash in a concrete stadium for 3+ hours. Best quote of the night by the Rays announcer was " I hope the stadium crew gets hazard pay after tonight's game." Maybe if the dogs were allowed to play, the Rangers would be doing better (It's 7-1 Rays in the top of the 5th). I think I saw that in a sequel to Air Bud.

The Rays have been dominating since their mini-collapse prior to the All-Star break. If they can play .600 ball from here on out, they will win the division. If they can play .500 ball, they will win the wild card. Pretty amazing one year turn around. If Longoria comes back and they call up David Price, they will only get better. How crazy would it be to have the football season starting and relevant baseball in September / October.

On a completely unrelated note, Kathy & I tried the new "Chick-Fil-A" sauce this weekend. This has replaced HRB (Honey Roasted BBQ). Not impressed. While it is still better than any other sauce that has ever been made, it has a more pronounced mustard flavor and is not quite as sweet as HRB. Maybe we're crazy, but we both were underwhelmed. The only bonus is that you can buy gallons of it to eat at home.


KFJ said...

Another post....finally!! I am stoked. Keep it up!!!! Haven't tried he new sauce, yet.

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