Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Free Bread from Subway (Feeding the Ducks)

One of Luke's best pronounced words now is duck. Since I figured he must have an affinity for ducks I decided it was time for him to feed the ducks @ Lake Howard. We went with the Honey Wheat Bread from the Dollar General (because the ducks must get tired of plain white bread) and found a spot to park under a large tree. There were 4 ducks milling around when we drove up. By the time I had Luke out of his car seat and the bread in my hand the number of creatures had multiplied exponentially. They came by land, by sea and some by air and they were waiting impatiently for us to begin. After showing Luke how to throw a few pieces I gave him some to throw. Except he didn't throw it immediately and nearly got pecked in the process. After realizing that it might not be in his best interest to have bread in his hand, I took over the bread throwing duties. Luke had a ball. He shrieked with delight when they would get near him, and he was grinning from ear to hear shouting "duck, duck, duck" like a thousand times. My favorite was balling up a piece of bread, throwing it 20 feet in the air and watching 4 birds dive bomb it and catch it before it hits the ground. There were pretty ducks, ducklings, Purple Gallinules, birds of the air, geese, and ogre ducks. You know, the ones with red warts all over their faces that breathe real heavy because they're so fat. They camped out at Luke's feet and he tried to pet them, once, but they snapped at his hand and he decided that he would no longer be friends with the ogre ducks. We tried to not throw any bread to the ogre ducks, but sometimes they would use their massive size and intimidation to steal a piece from a duckling that wasn't fast enough. We finished the loaf of bread, walked out on the dock to look for gators (another of Luke's new favorite words quite naturally) and headed back to the car to leave. Luke was not happy with this decision and let me know quite vocally that he wanted to stay with the ducks. Maybe he could make a home with them, he must have thought. Next time we go, we will make a few changes:

1. Don't park under a tree (birds of the air camp out in the trees waiting for you to throw a piece 20 feet into the air and the act of leaping from the branch causes them to release everything that is in their "system" onto the hood of my car)
2. Bring a camera.
3. Take more bread (We may stop by Subway because "Ducks Eat for Free at Subway")

Travis, this video is for you, since you claim to be a fan, but had never heard this bit.


Ryno said...

Your feeding ducks at lake Howard brought to mind one of the worst movies of the '80s- no, of all time- Howard the Duck.

Promise me you will never subject Lukie to THAT torture.

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I'm such a copycat; remember when I made a totally awesome website right after you did?

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