Wednesday, May 14, 2008

He Walks

I'm a little late in posting this, but two babies can wear a brother out.

Behold, the Luke Man.

He's still got his sea legs a bit, but a pretty dominant performance for his first official week of walking.  Every time that I let him walk in the front yard, he runs toward the road, flailing his arms the entire way.  I have to run after him looking like a bad parent who let my kid almost run out into the road.  I don't know what he sees over there at First Pres, but it must be pretty important.

What do you think of his walking skills?

1 comment:

KFJ said...

Go Lukie, go Lukie...go, go, go Lukie!!!!

AWESOME!!!!! Welcome to the world of the walking toddler!!!!

We so need to come over!!! Olivia gets out of school next week and things will chill out a little....maybe when we get back from D.C. :)