Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Don't Call me Johnny Fairweather

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are in first place in the AL East! They have the best record in the American League.

I know it's only May 14th, but I'm going on record and predicting that the Rays will win the pennant and make it to the World Series. Travis thinks they may play the Marlins and it would be an all Florida World Series. The "War of I-4," as he puts it, although to go from Tampa to Miami, you wouldn't really take I-4. Maybe they could call it the "War of I-75 to Alligator Alley" or something.

I started this season with a fresh interest in baseball. I have watched at least half of the games (which considering the amount of games in a MLB season, to watch half is an accomplishment) and have been to one game live (the first time I saw the Rays actually win a game in 5 or so tries). They are exciting to watch and most importantly, they can pitch. They are 4th in the AL in team ERA. Shield's has in his last two home games pitched a two hitter and a one hitter, both complete games. Kazmir is back and pitched 6 shut-out innings in the game Ryan and I went to on Saturday night. Ryan and I decided that every time Kazmir comes to the mound, they should play Led Zeppelin's Kasmir. At least WE thought it was funny. If you haven't been to a Rays game lately, be prepared to think you are at a Mississippi State home game what with all the cowbell. The Rays evidently have a fever and the only cure is more cowbell. It's almost annoying.

The Rays, in what is arguably the toughest division in all of baseball, are in first place. I might actually have some sports to cheer for while I wait for football season.


Travis Thompson said...

Also, you should note they just swept the team with the second best record in the AL. They are hott (with two t's)

Mike Lombard said...

This is so similar to the Bucs circa '97. New logo, new uniforms, a new stadium on the way, and we're winning games with homegrown talent. Also, people who've never liked the Rays are all of a sudden die-hard, lifelong fans. I love it. Not sure if they can outlast the Sox in the AL East, but they are definitely a fun team to watch.

RC said...

it never hurts to document predictions like that!!

Hutch said...

Finally the Rays are winning!

Yes, Lombard, it feels just like when the Bucs started to win...I haven't been a huge Rays fan since their inception, but probably became very interested around 2001 (although I have been to at least 2 games every season).

Trev, do you remember when we went to that game back in '99 (or somewhere in there) during the John Rocker brou-ha and made that sign?

"John Rocker:

Love him
Hate him

We think he's O.K."

(don't know if that's the exact wording)

(did the Rays win that game?)

(probably not)

Zoey said...

Well said.