Friday, December 21, 2007

Dove Promises

As I sit here eating these morsels of pure goodness and reading the "promises" enclosed, I am thinking the people at Dove are missing the boat. This is what they are "promising" now:

A smile is the perfect gift, personal and encouraging.
Smile at yourself in the mirror.
What if "the season to be jolly" lasted all year long? - I love the "unnecessary quotes."
Spending time is a greater gift than spending money. - That's nonsense.
Decorate your life.

This is what they should be promising:

The "milk" in milk chocolate means it's good for you.
If you send one of these to 10 of your friends this cool video will pop up.
Your wife thinks the time you spend watching football is time well spent.
Your desire to dress up as a sith lord for Halloween is completely normal.
You will not gain an ounce from eating this.
Fantasy football is cool.

Happy Holidays and all like such as.


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